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Chicken Jambalaya from Leftovers

I love re-purposing a meal. This one was totally from leftovers, and I was able to cook it, from start to finish, in about 10 minutes.

Although this isn't really a Jambalaya, it ate like one, and was the best name I could come up with for it.

All of this, but the gravy came from leftovers of my South West Chicken and Rice recipe. I made the extra gravy because I didn't make enough the first day. It was really easy, and I used leftover chicken broth from the original dish.

The only thing was that I still needed something red, like a red bell pepper, to make it a little more colorful. And when thinning it down, don't be afraid to use things other than the chicken broth. I ran out of the broth and substituted both Cran / rasp juice, and finished it with a little rum. The whole point is that you're cooking out of the refrigerator, and not having to open up anything new.

Warming the leftover chicken Picture

1. Place the chicken in a hot Teflon pan. Cook about 5 minutes.
Adding the cold, leftover gravy Picture

2. Add the cold leftover gravy and let it cook until it thins out.
The warmed gravy Picture

3. Add enough chicken broth to make the gravy quite thin. Cook this long enough to warm up.
Adding the Rice Picture

4. Add the cold rice and stir it in. Even though the rice is already cooked, it'll still absorb some of the liquid in the sauce. So, be prepared to add some extra chicken broth to make a nice wet, or soupy dish.

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