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This menu gives the recipes for my Dry Rubs, BBQ Mops, like my Root Beer Mop, and BBQ Sauces. Plus there's a page that explains how to use a blacken seasoning. All of the rubs and sauce recipes use my dry rub / seasoning blend called Butt Kickin' Blacken as the primary ingredient. Of course you'll also find out to use my spices as a grilling rub. Of course the primary flavor comes from my spice, seasoning blends, so be sure to get some of this No Salt and No Sugar alternative today. You can click HERE to go directly to my Products Page.

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Dry Rubs and Mops

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Orange Marmalade, BBQ Sauce

This is a super BBQ sauce, but it's also a great base for a salad dressing or dipping sauce. In addition it's a terrific Wing Sauce.
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Butt Kickin' Rub

Use this to pre-season meat prior to cooking. You can also use it as a marinade by oiling the meat, then coating with the rub, and leaving it in a refrigerator overnight.
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Butt Kickin' Cocoa Rub

I use this "Rub" on most of the meats I smoke on my small grill. It also becomes the "candy" in Candied Bacon.
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Butt Kickin' Mop

Use this as a basting sauce, while you're smokin' on the grill. Baste and turn every 1/2 hour or so.
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Butt Kickin' Root Beer Mop

This one's a little sweeter than my regular mop, and is best on pork.
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How to Use Blacken

A Blacken Seaqsoning is a "Dry Rub" spice blend. Use it in a hot fry pan, or as an ingredient.