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 Butt Kickin' Blacken

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Curry Blends are an interesting subject. There are thousands of recipes, From "Killer Hot" to really "Mild". This one is one of the Mild ones, and can be used to replace the spices in any recipe you have in your recipe box that calls for a mild curry.

Now, if you really want that real kicker of a hot curry, you could either add some of my Fiery Hot Jamaican Jerk to this blend, or pick up a bottle of my Hot Jamaican Curry.

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If you're new to Blackening Seasonings, or just not sure of how to use them, be sure to check out my page that shows:

How to Use Blacken

It'll be a big help while you're figuring out how to use these spices to get the most flavor out of them.

I'm a firm believer in controling the amount of salt and sugar I use in my cooking. That's why I created my Original Blacken Spice Blend with No Salt, and No Sugar. Since then I've found a need for 9 other Spice Blends. They make cooking easier because I don't have to grab 5 - 10 bottles to flavor my meal.

There are No Fillers, of any kind in my spices, and they're blended with nothning but the best in Natural Herbs and Spices. No Fillers means that you're really getting what your ordering. Some blends on the market can have up to 25% salt, plus other fillers in their blends, not here.

So, be sure to check out ordering these premium spice blends to take your cooking to another level.

My Seasoning Blends add a lot of flavor to your cooking, and can be hot or not depending upon how much you use. There are currently about 300 recipes showcasing how to use and cook with my herbs and spices. I know you'll enjoy them all along with my line of fine seasoning blends.

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Some spice blends can have up to  25%  salt included in their  mix.

The Capn's  Blends are

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