Bacon Brittle

Plated Bacon Brittle Picture

1. Cook the bacon over a medium heat until almost crisp. You can do this either in a fry pan, or the oven.

2. Place the sugar in a pot wide enough to hold the cooked bacon strips. Add the water. and corn syrup,, mix well, and be sure that no sugar or blacken are on the sides of the pot.

3. Cook over medium / high heat, being careful not to burn, until the mixture is a light golden brown. Now you can add the blacken. Hot enough for the hard ball stage.

You can test the mixture, by dropping a drop into cold water, then touching it to see if it's hard or soft. If it's soft, you've reached the "soft ball stage" and must cook it a little longer. When you drop a drop into cold water, and it becomes hard, you're ready for the next step.

4. Turn off the heat, and dip the bacon strips in the caramel one strip at a time. Place them on a parchment lined sheet pan, and let cool. You might have to leave the heat on real low, to keep the caramel warm. The cold bacon will cool it down pretty quick.

5. When the bacon brittle has cooled, you can chop it up, or serve as strips.


I like using a teflon pot for this recipe. The easiest way to clean your pot after making candy in it, is to fill have way with water, and boil. This will melt and dilute the sugar, making cleanup easy.

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