Grilled Sirloin Steak

Grilled Sirloin Steaks, Picture

1. Trim any excess fat and grizzle from each steak. Save the fat for grilling.

Coat the steaks with the vegetable oil, Then rub a lot of salt, pepper, and blacken into the meat. The oil will both keep the meat from sticking to the grill, and help the outside sear to seal in the moisture.

2. Place the steaks on a hot grill, and lay the saved fat along side. The fat will help the flames to start. For rare, cook the steaks to an internal temperature of 110 degrees. I use an instant read thermometer and you stick it into the middle of the meat from the side.

3. When the steaks are done, set them on a platter, and cover with aluminum foil to let them rest for at least 10 minutes, or up to 20. The internal temperature of the steaks will rise about 7 - 10 degrees during this time.

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