Bacon, Egg, and Pimento Cheese Sandwich

Prep time:     Cook time:     Total time:     Yield: 1 Sandwichs

Bacon, Egg, and Pimento Cheese Sandwich Picture
Pimento Cheese doesn't have to be bland, and neither does your breakfast. This recipe for The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich will get you going and fill you up with bold flavors.
1.    If you've got the time, take the Pimento Cheese out to warm up an hour or so before cooking. It'll melt easier if it's warm.

I cut the bacon in half so it'll fit nicely on the roll. Then, I cut 1/2" slits in the fat side to keep the bacon from curling up. You could also cook the bacon in your oven, and have to cut the slits, but then you won't get the little brown bits that help make bacon so delicious.

2.    Leave the fat in the pan, and turn the heat to medium. Add the eggs, then dust with the Steakhouse Blend, add put some of the dried Chopped Onion on top. Let these cook about half way, then carefully flip them to cook the other side. They're done when the yolk is cooked through.

3.    To Assemble:
Roll Bottom, Bacon, Cheese, Eggs, Cheese, Bacon, Roll Top.


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