Blackened Chicken Sandwich


Prep time:     Cook time:     Total time:     Yield: 6 sandwiches

Blackened Chicken Sandwich Picture
1.   Mix up the Blackening Rub, and set it aside

2.   In most cases, Chicken Breasts are really too thick for a sandwich. So, slice them in half using a filet knife being careful not to cut yourself.

3.   Oil the halved chicken, then coat with the rub. Work it in real well so that all parts of the chicken are coated..

4.   Set a pan to med / high, and add the butter and oil when it gets hot.

When the butter has melted, and just barely beginning to smoke, add the chicken. Cook about 7 minutes on the first side, then turn it over and cook the other side. When done, set on paper towels for the grease to drain off.

Ron's Note:
Don't turn the pan to too hot a temperature because all you'll do is burn the outside, and have raw meat in the middle. That's why I cook this chicken at a med / high temp. If you notice that it's beginning to burn, turn the heat down a little to insure that the inside gets done.

5.   I used Ciabatta Bread, sliced into a 3" piece, then halved with some of the insides removed.

Lay on some lettuce, then the tomato, and finally set the Blackened Chicken on top. The lettuce on the bottom will keep any juices from soaking into the bread.

6.   Add the Chipotle Remoulade, top it, and you're ready to serve.

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