Caribbean Fruit Salsa

Prep time:     Cook time:     Total time:     Yield: 8 servings

Caribbean Fruit Salsa Picture
1.    1.    Mince the onion, and place it in a bowl along with the lime juice and zest. The lime will counteract the sharp bite of the onion.

2. Peel, clean, then mince the rest of the ingredients, and place them in a large bowl.

Ron's Note:
When chopping the fruit and peppers, be sure to make them all the same size, for a better presentation. The only thing you want REAL finely diced is the Thai Hot Pepper. It's got a LOT of heat, in the form of afterburn, so it's got to be really tiny.

3. After the onion has been in the lime for about 30 minutes, add it to the bowl, and mix well.

It's best to make this a few hours, and up to 24 hours prior to when you want to serve it. The extra time will give all of the flavors a chance to blend.

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