Hot and Spicy, Dirty Rice

Prep time:     Total Cook time:     Total time:     Yield: 8 servings

Hot and Spicy, Dirty Rice Picture
If you're looking for complex flavors, and a little bit of heat in your Dirty Rice, this one's for you. Other than all the chopping involcved, it's really an easy recipe, and will get great reviews, whether you serve it as a side, or a part of a Louisianna Style Gumbo.

1.    Begin by first simmering the sausages in water for about 20 minutes. Let them cool, slice in half, lengthwise, then cut into slices. Set these aside for later.

2.    Mince the onion and peppers, and place them in the pot you'll be cooking the rice in. Add some vegetable oil, and cook over medium heat, with the lid on, until they're soft, but not browned.

3.    While the vegetables are cooking, you can wash the rice. I usually place it in a straining basket, and run it under cold water while I'm mixing it up with my hand. I'll do this until the water runs clear.

Ron's Note:
You do this to remove the surface starch from the rice. Removing the surface starch will help the rice remain separate after it's cooked.

4.    Turn the heat to high, then add the rice and blacken, and keep stirring until everything coated well, and the rice begins to pop.

5.    Add the tomato sauce and enough chicken broth to equal a total of 4 cups liquid. Add the black beans, and stir everything up to make sure that nothing has stuck to the bottom.

Add the rice and stir the mixture well.

Ron's Note:
This is the last time stir this mixture until it's done! I you keep stirring the rice will release all of it's starch and become real lumpy.

6.    Leave the heat high until it comes to a boil, then turn it down to simmer for about 20 minutes. don't peak, and don't stir. After 15 minutes, taste it, without stirring, to tell if the rice is done. When done, turn the heat off, and leave the cover on until service, without stirring. If you've cooked in a heavy bottomed pot, it'll keep for about 30 minutes this way.

7.    To serve:
Stir it gently, just enough to blend the ingredients, then fluff with a fork, and plate.

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