Jerked Cantaloupe Salsa

Jerked Cantaloupe Salsa, Picture
1. Any fresh salsa that you make is really better if made the day before you want to serve it. It gives the flavors a chance to blend.

2. Peal the cantaloupe by first trimming the 2 ends.

3. Next, stand it upright and use a knife to remove the skin.

4. Cut 1/4" slices from the side of the cantaloupe. Slice these into strips, then dice the strips.

5. Mince the onion (real small), then soak them in ice water.

Ron's Note:
Soaking the onions removes a lot of the sharp bite. They'll end up with just a mild onion flavor.

6. Dice the red bell pepper. This is when you can add the minced serrano pepper, if you're using it.

7. Zest the lime. I use a micro plane turned upside down for any zesting. The ridges of the micro plane keep the zest from going all over the place.

8. I used to have a lot of problems getting juice out of a lime. Using this inexpensive juicer has saved me a lot of greif.

9. Mix all of this together, add the Jamaican Jerk seasoning, and taste it. In this case, the cantaloupe wasn't very sweet, so I added a little bit of honey to the mix.

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