Goslings's Salsa

Gosling's Salsa Picture

1. Peel the pineapple, and cut into long chunks. Set aside.

Peel most of the husk from the corn, leaving 1 - 2 layers, set these in a bowl of water at least 1/2 hour. This helps the corn to steam a little while you have it on the grill.

Prep the red and green peppers, by coating with a little vegetable oil.

2. Start a grill and get it fairly hot. Place the prepped vegetable on the grill and let them get some color. you're not cooking them, nut giving them extra flavor. the first that will get done are the pineapple, due to the high sugar content. Take them off and set aside.

When the peppers are blackened place them into a plastic bag to steam.

When the corn is done, set it aside to cool.

3. Now it's time to put it all together.

Begin by cutting the kernels off the ear of corn. Next, Chop 1/2 the pineapple into 1/4" pieces. Take the peppers out of the bag and rinse most of the blackened skin off under running water. Cut out the stems and seeds, then chop into 1/4" pieces. Add all of these to a fairly large bowl, and add the onion, jalapenos, mango, lime juice, and the Rum.

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