Slaw (Coleslaw)

Plated Slaw (Coleslaw) Picture

1. Prepare the cabbages by first, removing any of the tough and bitter outer layers. Then cut the cabbage in half, from the stem end, then in thirds. Remove the core, and slice very thinly.

Do the same with 1/2 of the red cabbage. Place all of it into a large bowl.

2. Remove the stem end from the Pablano pepper, and cut in half lengthwise. Remove the seeds, and cut each half into thirds, again lengthwise. Slice this thinly, and add to the bowl.

3. Remove the tops and the seeds form the red chilis, mince very small, and add to the pot.

4. Grate the 2 cloves of garlic directly into the mix, along with the carrots. 2 cloves garlic seems like a very little bit, but after a day of letting the flavors blend, it will provide just a hint of garlic.

Mix the vegetables up real well while the bacon is frying.

5. Chop the bacon into 1/2" pieces, and fry over medium heat, until all of the fat has been rendered.

6. Once the bacon is real crisp, dump the whole pan, bacon fat and all, into the vegetables, and stir up well, while the bacon fat is still hot.

For those who don't like a Mayonnaise Dressing, you could taste for salt, pepper, and the tartness of the vinegar, and serve it the way it is.

7. I like my slaw with mayonnaise, it helps to bind it all together. Although the recipe calls for 3 cups, this will vary by the size of the heads of cabbage. So, add 1 1/2 cups, stir it in, then add more as needed. One of the secrets of making a good slaw is not to make it with too much mayonnaise like you'd buy it from the supermarket. So, be careful that you don't add too much.

8. This really is a true Carolina side to be served with ribs

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