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Father's Day, Rib Eye Steak

It's Father's Day and neither of my sons could make it to Charleston. My buddy felt sorry for me and decided that we were going to have "MEAT" Day. Obviously, with this much meat, there were no sides, and it came out as flavorful and tender as the best Prime Rib you've ever tasted. The smokiness of the Charcoal became just a hint of that flavor in the cooked meat.

This is the way I would cook Rib Eye if I was feeding 6 - 8 people, along with some side dishes like potatoes and vegetables. After cooking, I would slice the whole piece off the bone, slice into strips, then place the strips back along the bone, and serve Family Style. The thickness of the meat makes sure that it's tender and a pleasant medium rare. If you were cooking individual 1/2" thick steaks, it would be quite difficult not to over cook them.

The method you use to check the temperature of a steak is really important. Since most of us don't cook 100+ steaks every day, it's real difficult to learn to test a steak by touch. Use an instant read meat thermometer, inserted through the side of the meat. You can click HERE, or on the picture in direction #7 to view a larger picture of taking a steak's temperature.

This goes real well with Cajun Corn, or Grilled Asparagus, along with Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Rosti Potatoes, or Baked, Smashed Potatoes.

  • 1, 4 - 5 Pound Prime Rib, 7 - 10 bone
  • Vegetable Oil, as needed
  • 2 Tablspoons, Kosher Salt, about
  • 1/4 Cup, All American Steakhouse Blend, as needed

1. This was a 2 - bone Prime Rib that weighed 4 1/2 pounds. After cutting it in half, I ended up with these 2 REAL THICK Rib Eyes. For more information on picking the right piece of meat, Check out my recipe for The Ultimate Prime Rib.
Picture of Seasoning a Rib Eye Steak.
2. Oil the prime rib well, then coat with the Steakhouse Blend and Kosher Salt. Apply a lot more than you think you should because the long cooking time will burn most of it off. it well.
Picture of Charcoal used for a Rib Eye Steak.
3. This was a special day, and I used all real charcoal for the grill. Charcoal imparts a woodsy fragrance to the meat, and will actually smell as if you're cooking over a camp fire.
Picture of Rib Eye Steak on Grill.
4. After the coals get good and hot, cool them down a little by sprinkling, or spraying with water. The Rib Eye is best when it's cooked over a medium hot grill.
Picture of Rib Eye Steak on Grill.
5. Let them cook about 10 minutes, then flip them over.
Picture of Covering a Rib Eye Steak.
6. Cover and cook for a combined cooking time of 15 or 20 minutes. The time will vary depending upon how thick the meat is, the temperature of the fire, and the distance the meat is from the grill.
7. Take the meat's temperature by inserting an instant read meat thermometer into the side of the meat. You'll want to cook to 115 - 120 degrees for a medium rare steak.
Picture of Resting the Rib Eye.
8. Place on a platter with a small lip around it, and cover. Let this rest for 10 - 15 minutes. The temperature will come up about 7 degrees, finishing cooking the center while giving time for the juices to redistribute within the steak. These juices have been drawn towards thew outside of the meat (where the high heat is) during the cooking process. Oiling the meat before placing it on the grill, helps the meat to sear, and keep the juices from evaporating.
Clcik to enlarge this picture of Buttering the Rib Eye.
9. Place a few pats room temperature butter on the meat to give a pleasant shine to the outside of the meat.

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Father's Day, Rib Eye Steak Picture

Father's Day, Rib Eye Steak

Unlike other most other seasoning blends, The American Steakhouse Blend contains no salt or sugar.

Steak Salad Picture


If there are any leftover, it'll be a heavenly sandwhich. Or you could make a quick Gravy, slice the meat thin, then dip it in the gravy long wnough to just heat it.

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