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Jell-O Salad

This recipe is straight form a Jell-O box in the 50's. My Mom served it at every function other than Polish Christmas Eve, and Polish Easter Brunch It's become such a mainstay item for our family I had to serve it at Critter (my younger son) and Kate's wedding. The interesting thing was that the English and South African guests also fell in love with it, and were asking for the recipe. So here it is.

If you've purchased the wrong pineapple or for some reason you can't find the crushed version, you can buy larger pieces and cut them up yourself. Just be sure to drain before adding to the Jell-O.

  • 2 Small Pkt Lime Jell-O
  • 1 Each Cucumber, Skin and all
  • 2 Cans Crushed Pineapple, Small Cans, NO Juice
  • 1 Large Carrot, Peeled and Grated

1. Make Jell-O according to the package directions, but use only 1/2 the water. Place it in the refrigerator to gel, and WATCH IT CLOSELY, so it doesn't get too hard. Because I'm usually in a hurry (running late) when I make this I quite often place some ice cubes in the measuring cup with the water, this makes the water colder and the Jell-O will set quicker.

2. Shred then drain the cucumber with skin, I'll sometimes double up on the cucumber, and remove the seeds prior to draining it. Peel, then shred the carrot long ways. Drain the Pineapple and mix all in with Jell-O.

3. Chill and serve. Be sure to start this early, or the night before, because it'll take a while to set up.

Ron's Note:
It's important to remember to drain both the Pineapple and the Cucumber before adding it to the Jell-O or you'll end up with too much liquid, and it won't set.

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