Buffalo Chicken Bites

Prep time:     Cook time:     Total time:     Yield: 6 servings

Buffalo Chicken Bites Picture
These Buffalo Chicken Bites, are REAL crispy on the outside, and moist and tender on the inside. The crispiness is a by-product of using a Corn Meal Batter Mix, and the moist interior is thanks to using Chicken Thigh Meat. I'm sure you'll LOVE the contrast of textures.
1.    Begin by prepping the Chicken:
- Trim off most of the fat. There isn't much, but it won't have a chance to melt away during cooking.
- Cut the Chicken into bight sized pieces, about 1".
- Set them into a bowl as you get them cut up.

2.    Set up the Breading:

First Batter:
Mix this up and place it into bowl.

Second Breading:
Mix this up and place it into bowl.

Egg Mixture:
Whisk the eggs, then add the Milk and Blacken, and whisk again.

I set the bowls going counter clockwise for breading the Chicken:
1 - Dredge in the 1st Breading, shake off any excess.
2 - Dip the Chicken into the Egg Mixture.
3 - Drain off any excess, and coat the Chicken in the 2nd batter.

3.    Place the breaded Buffalo Bites onto a sheet pan.

The Buffalo Bites are now ready for frying.

Ron's Note:
The thickness of the Egg Mixture is the discerning factor in how thick the breading will be. A thicker Egg Mixture (less milk), and the breading will be thicker. A thinner Egg Mixture (more milk), and the breading will end up thinner.

4.    Heat about 3/8" oil in a straight sided frying pan. I like using my black frying pan, because it's thickness will distribute the heat more evenly.

When the oil is about 375, just barely beginning to smoke, place the chicken into the pan, being careful not to splatter the oil, or you'll have a fire. Don't crowd them or they'll bring the temperature of the oil down too much, and won't cook evenly.

Cook 4 - 5 minutes per side, then take one out, cut it open, and make sure it's done. Set the cooked Buffalo Bites on a rack in a pan to drain, and salt them immediately.

Ron's Note:
Total Cooking time will vary, based on the heat of the oil, thickness of the Chicken, and how much oil you've used. Too little oil, and the Chicken won't be deep enough, and the oil will go down in temperature when you add the chicken.

5.    Place the drained wings onto a plate, or a bowl because they're now ready to coat with Wing Sauce.

6.    I used my Ghost Cheddar Wing sauce to coat my Buffalo Chicken Bites. Just add the sauce, and toss to coat well.

7.    Another way to serve these would be as a New Orleans Style Poor Boy Sandwich. Lettuce, Tomato, Buffalo Chicken Bites, and a Spicy Remoulade make for a tasty sandwich.

8.    Store Leftovers in a plastic Bag in the refrigerator. They'll keep for 3 to 4 days this way.

To re-heat these Buffalo Chicken Bites, just place them in an oven at 300 degrees for about 15 minutes. They'll be almost as good as the first day you made them.

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