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"OMG its soooo good!!! We have only tried the original as of yet, and it is AMAZING! I will not go back to the store bought. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!" S.M. Alberta, CA
  OH HOW WE LOVED THEM!!!!!!!     They ARE spicy!!!! :D   But in a very very very good way :)
I am recommending them to everyone I know! S.B., Irwin, PA
To date we have tried the Original,Seafood,Steakhouse,and Jerk. All of them are excellent. We especially like the original and the steakhouse. J.H. Bloomfield, NJ
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Welcome to Product Information and Policies.

Butt Kickin' Spice Blends

Spice Bottles

If your new to Blacken Seasonings check out my "How to Use Blacken" page.

Although my Spice Blends are most commonly used as a rub, on meat, prior to cooking, they can also be used to add flavor to sauces, marinades, gravies, etc. When using any of these as a rub, it's best to rub it liberally into the meat, along with some Coarse, Kosher, Salt the day before you plan to cook. The salt will first, draw out some of the moisture within the meat, then be drawn back into the meat, along with the flavors of the rub, as the salt wants to equalize itself within the piece of meat.

I began making my blends with my Cajun Seasoning, or "Original Recipe" Blackening Spice Blend. When I moved to the South, in 1990, I learned about "Blacken" from a buddy. After cooking with it, on my grill, for a year, or so, it rained one day just I was ready to begin grillin'. I brought the, already prepped chicken into the house and cooked it in a fry pan.

When we tried to eat it, the chicken was so salty, I had to throw it out. That's when I finally read the label, found salt as the first ingredient, and decided to make up my own.

Since then, I've realized that most spice blends contain a ton of salt, that can ruin your food. So, I've never really used blends, until I began making my Cajun Blackening Seasoning Blend.

Living on a boat, you meet a lot of new people, all the time, from all over the country. Start the grill, and everyone brings something over to cook, and there's an impromptu party. People liked my Blacken, and would ask for some of it. Being the nice guy that I am, I always gave them a small bottle of it, even though I was purchasing the spices in my local grocery store to mix it up, at a HUGE expense.

So, I knew that people liked it, but was always wondering if they were just being nice. That's when I started receiving empty bottles in the mail, asking me to fill them up and return them. I figured that they really DID like my Blacken, and I might be able to sell it.

Since then, I've come up with 9 additional spice blends. All of which reflect my own style of cooking. I just get tired of reaching for a bunch of bottles of spice, and end up coming up with a new blend.

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All of my Spice Blends have:

No Salt


No Sugar

And are:

All Natural

Butt Kickin' Wing Sauce Mixes

Spice Bottles

These Wing Sauce Mixes are GREAT!

Every time I make a BBQ Sauce, it's a little bit different, which is the way I like it. I use whatever's hangin' around in the frig. to come up with a new mix.

A year ago, I helped a restaurant, more like a bar, fix there menu. 60% of their food sales were wings. During my time there, I came up with 30 different wing sauces, from the standards, to the eclectic.

Having a web-site where I sell seasoning blends is a perfect avenue to market Wing and BBQ Sauces. However, there are a lot of government regulations involved with making a sauce, and if I have some one make it for me, like my spice blends, I've got to purchase about 800 cases at a time. Really cost prohibitive!

I was having a conversation with my spice blender, Jim, when he mentioned that I should try to come up with some sauce mixes. I hemmed and hawed for a month or 2, and finally figured that a group of Cheddar Wing Sauce mixes would be just the ticket. And I could easily have him make them up for me.

Developing new flavor combinations comes easy, since I've figured out the methodology in how an end user would mix them. And I've finally come up with a bunch of different styles, with the Cheddars currently being the base.

Testing them has been a lot of fun too. I test out the recipe for mixing, then bottle up the finished product. Next, I go to one of my local watering holes, buy wings, put my sauce on them, and walk around giving out samples. I make a lot of new freinds by doing this, and finding out if people like them, or not. All of these Wing Sauce Mixes have been tested this way, and it's amazing how different everyone's tastes are. Everyone's ends up with a different favorite!.

Most of these Wing Sauce mixes have NO added salt or sugar, and definitely no MSG. I'm not going to tell you that they're good for you, but they sure do taste good.

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"We were introduced to your Blacken Seasonings when we received all three, along with a gift certificate to our local butcher as a wedding gift.

We live in L.B.I. (Long Beach Island) NJ and have had fun adding your Blacken Seasoning to our favorite fresh fish and clam recipes some of which have been in our families for years. Butt Kickin' Blacken gives the recipes an updated flavor which we now call our own. " Thanks, T. B.

"We've been enjoying th spices! We tried the meatloaf recipe on your website and absolutely loved it! Thanks!"
S.M. Decatur, AL
"I just want to let you know that your spice blends and the recipes on your website that I've tried so far are absolutely delicious! I will definitely be back for more of both. Thank you!"
SMcM, Escondido, CA
"I'm absolutely thrilled. I used the seafood for my dinner tonight with Shrimp and it was yummy but the Original and Southwest have to be my faves so far!! :)"
KB, Acton, London, UK
Shipping Information
Shipping is via the USPS. Your order will be shipped within 3 working days of your placing an order. I try to send a personal note thanking you for your order, and letting you know when I'll be shipping it. Shipping takes, on average 2 - 3 days within the Continental U.S. If you haven't received your order in that amount of time, please send an email to me at TheCapn@CapnRons.Com.

Shipping Charges, Continental U.S. :

Standard standard shipping within the Continental United States is $4.95. There is a $2.00 discount for orders $20.00 - #39.99, and Free Shipping on orders over $40.00

International Shipping:

I DO ship spice blends and Wing Sauce Mixes all over the world, with the exception of Australia ("No Spices or Herbs"). Standard Shipping is $12.95 for up to 6, 7oz. bottles of my spice, or 2, 32oz. bottles. There is a $2.00 discount for orders $20.00 - #39.99, and a $4.95 discount on orders over $40.00.

Due to the packaging problems, DO NOT ORDER ON LINE! Please send me an email, TheCapn@CapnRons.Com, letting me know which items you would like to order. I'll let you know the true shipping charges. If you would then, like to place the order, I'll send you an invoice via Pay-Pal for the total amount.

I'll ship your order within 3 days of your payment. It takes from 10 days to 2 weeks for you to receive it. Customs, in your country, seems to be the hang-up. Be sure to let me know when you've received your order.
Problems with Your Order
If you have ANY questions or problems with your order, please send a note to me at TheCapn@CapnRons.Com letting me know what the problem is. I'll respond quickly, and do everything in I can to make it right.

Quite often, I receive emails that the bottle isn't full. I sell my Spice Blends by weight, not volume, and some settling may occur during shipping. I've overpacked spice bottle in the past, and it causes the Spice Blends to cake, and be difficult to get out.

Wing Sauce Mixes are sold by the amount that they will make. Instruction for mixing are printed on the label, please follow the instructions, and use the entire bag when mixing.