Orange Jerked, Wahoo Almondine

Orange Jerked, Wahoo Almondine Picture

1. Prepare the wahoo by removing any skin, and the red blood strip down the center. Then, slice it into 1/2" - 5/8" slices and place in a plastic storage bag.

2. Make the marinade by whisking together the orange juice concentrate, blacken, and wine. Pour this over the wahoo, and mix it around a bit so that the wahoo is well covered. Remove as much air as you can from the bag, place it in a bowl, then in the refrigerator. This should marinade at least 30 minutes, but it will be better if you leave it for 2 hours. Any longer and you run the risk of the acid in the orange juice "cooking" the wahoo.

3. To make the Coating:

Place the slivered almonds in a heavy duty plastic bag, and crush with a meat mallet. Don't crush them too much because you DO want some larger pieces along with powder.

4. Mix the almonds along with the flour, blacken, and salt in a good sized bowl.

5. Whisk the eggs without about 1 tablespoon of water in a smaller bowl.

6. Drain the marinade into a Teflon fry pan, and reserve. Then dip the wahoo into the egg then into the crushed Almond mixture, and press the almonds into the wahoo. As they're coated, place them on a parchment lined sheet pan.

Cook in a preheated, 350 degree, oven for 20 minutes.

7. While the wahoo is cooking, make the sauce, and cook the noodles according to the package instructions.

Turn the pan to high, and reduce to marinade until it's quite thick. Add another cup of wine, and reduce again, until it's syrupy. Add the cream, stir to incorporate, turn off the heat, and stir in the butter.

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