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Beer Battered, Fried Bacon
Chicken Fried Bacon

Beer Battered, Fried Bacon Picture

Prep time:     Cook time:     Total time:
Yield: 2 - 4 servings

How can you go wrong when you include beer, bacon, and frying in a recipe. This one's for all you bacon lovers.

The thin batter gives the bacon a chance to cook. Make sure that you've got the oil heated to a medium temperature 325 degrees, or you'll just cook the batter without cooking the bacon inside.

The beer batter inthis recipe is also great for battering and frying Shrimp, Oysters, Chicken Tenders, etc.

Just a word on the Bacon:
I normally use a real thick sliced bacon in all my coking. In this case a thinner bacon actually works better because the thicker pieces won't cook in the short time it takes for the batter to cook. So, you should pre-cook the thick bacon until it's almost done, if you'll be using a thick sliced bacon.

1.    Slice the bacon in half and set aside.

Dipping Bacon in Batter Picture

2.    Mix the dry ingredients, then whisk in enough beer to make a fairly thin batter. I think you can figure out to do with any beer that might be left over. Nothing, ever goes to waste.

3.    Place about 1/2" oil in a black frying pan, and heat to 350 degrees.

Frying Bacon Picture

4.    When the oil is 325, dip the bacon into the batter, hold it up by the end to let any excess batter drip off, then gently lay the bacon in the hot oil. The temperature of the oil should come down to about 300 degrees which is where you want it. If the oil is too hot, the bacon won't cook through.

5. Cook about 4 minutes per side, or, until the bacon is crispy, and the batter is well browned.

Ron's Note:
If you find that the batter is falling off the bacon while frying, the oil might not be hot enough. Or, there was too much oil on the bacon when you dipped it into the batter.

If this is happening to you, dip the bacon in seasoned flour (Flour, Balcken, and Coarse Kosher Salt) before dipping it into the batter. The flour will absorb any moisture or oil on the bacon, and give the batter a better chance to stick.

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