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Orange Glazed, Baked Ham


This is an easy way to cook a Ham at home, and have it come out super moist and tender. Your family and guests willed be wowed!

I made a 10 pounder for Easter Sunday 2004 on the boat. I served it as sandwiches with beans, and potato salad. The problem I incurred was that when I went to place it in the oven, it was too big! I had to cut a 1/2" slice off of the bottom before it would go in.

If you use one of the "spiral sliced" hams, follow the directions for cooking that comes with it. However I will still turn the heat up to 425 for the last 1/2 hour and baste it with a mixture of frozen orange juice concentrate and ground cloves. You should also be aware that I have never had a "spiral sliced" ham that wasn't dry. and I've been known to go to great extremes to find one that wasn't spiral sliced. Something about the fact that the cuts go so deep into the ham gets it to dry out.

  • 1, 10 Pound, Ham, semi-boneless, shank

  • 1 Can, Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate, small can

  • 1/2 Cup, Dark Brown Sugar

  • Whole Cloves, as needed

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Scoring a Ham Picture

2. Cut slices in the top of the ham on a diagonal, and press one whole clove into each square.

Mix up the orange juice and dark brown sugar.
Basting a Baked Ham Picture

3. Basting the ham:

4. Bake in oven for 20 minutes per pound at 325 degrees. Baste every 1/2 hour or so, making sure you work fast to get the ham back into the oven quickly. You'll probably notice that the top may start to burn (caramelize), cover with a strip of tin foil. As the cooking process continues, you'll have to lightly cover the whole ham with a larger piece of tin foil.

Let the ham rest for at least 15 minutes before carving it. Or, 30 minutes or a little more while you finish up the sides that you'll be serving along with this great Baked Ham.

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Orange Glazed, Baked Ham Recipe Picture

Orange Glazed, Baked Ham

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"Just wanted to thank you for the Ham recipe, I made it for Easter dinner! I am NOT a cook and was very nervous about making the ham. It turned out DELICIOUS and was soo easy!! Thanks so much!! "

"Thank you not only for the wonderful ham recipe but also for the advice. I was always under the assumption that spiral ham was the way to go. This was my first attempt at making my own ham and I found it very easy,delicious, and very moist. Thank you again Cap'n Ron."
B.L., Columbus, GA

"This is almost exactly how I make my ham, so I know it's very good. I too hate the spiral sliced hams. I prefer my ham cut in thick chunky pieces that are real juicy. The thin sliced spiral ham tastes more like a breakfast ham."
A.L., Albuquerque, New Mexico

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