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A Father's Day Adventure

Father's Day is celebrated differently by everyone. Some like to hang out, and grill, play golf, be out on the boat, etc. The neat thing is that Dad gets to do what HE wants.

When my sons were small, we were living in Northern NH, they took me to places like Santa's Village, Story Land, and the top of Mount Washington. It was always a great time.

As they got older, we began doing the pretty standard Father's Day things. Until 1998 or 1999, when my younger son Critter and I started the Father's Day adventure that continues today.

We had been at the US Open in Pinehurst, NC for the practice round, and decided that we would watch it over a beer or 6. After bar hopping, trying to find the right place, we ended up at Hooters. We had Sam Adams, Boston Lager, Wings, Sammy, Raw Oysters, Sammy, Steamed Clams, and more Sammy. We actually were there so long, we had to change tables, and close out our tab 3 times.

Since then, we try to do the same thing every year, only missing it once. This year, Critter ended up taking a half day off on Monday morning, in order to spend the whole day in Charleston, and leave Monday morning.

The following is the story of this year's adventure.

    The Ingredients

  • The whole day of time, or the weekend.
  • Plan out where you're going ahead of time.
  • Loving Kids that are old enough to drink.
  • A Cabbie to get you back home.

Long Distance Shots, Picture

It all began Friday evening when my younger son Critter showed arrived about 8:30.

Why should we dirty shot glasses for the first shot of the weekend on Friday evening? I'd just have more dishes to wash.

Then came the Jaeger Bomb long distance shots with my older son Mark in Long Island, and Critter's buddy Brian in California.

King Crab Legs, Picture

After a difficult morning, we finally got the courage to go out Saturday afternoon. Critter wanted to visit the Kickin' Chicken. We tend to call him form there quite a bit. The good news is, they've got Sammy on Tap. The bad news was, we had too much residual beer in our systems and were done after just 3 beers each.

On to the store for dinner. One of our local supermarkets had King Crab Legs on Sale at $9.99 / pound. They weren't the colossal sized ones, but were quite tasty. My buddy Tim decided that there wouldn't be enough for the 3 of us, so he brought along a couple of large filets to go along with the crab. After eating all with a whole stick of butter each, and a coupe of Sammy's the day was done.

A quick Beer on the boat, Picture

Sunday began about 11:00 AM with a Sammy, Cream Stout toast. Then it was out to start the day.

Raw Oysters at Hooters, Picture

The first stop was Hooters, where we knew we could get oysters, and thought we could get the clams. Plus they keep Sammy on Draft.

The oysters arrived, a quick toast, and we dig in. Raw oysters are not Critter's favorite things, but he puts up with my whims once a year.

Wings at Wild Wings, Picture

The next stop was for wings, at Wild Wings. Critter's favorite wing sauce is their Jalapeno / Cheddar (Foreground), while mine is Brave Heart (You really need a Brave Heart to eat this as it's the hottest wing sauce they serve).

Of course I ordered extra sauce for my wings, and used it as a dippin' sauce. When you've had to much, it can really get to you. I almost wasn't able to finish my 6th one. And, it took about 15 minutes to recover.

We also made a bunch of new friends around the bar. This guy, wearing the Red Stripe hat, was from Jamaica, and was drinkin' they're local beer, Red Stripe.

Steamed Clams, Picture

Thanks Rose. 'nough said.

The final stop was for the steamed clams, and of course more new friends. and Sammy.

Asparagus, Picture

We finally got back to the boat around 7:30 or so. We had stopped and bought some Taylor Ham for sandwiches. Taylor Ham is a NJ thing, and one of our local supermarkets actually keeps it in their deli department.

Finally it's time for dessert. Critter made this new "Double Stuffer, Twinkie Sandwich.

All in all, it was a GREAT day. It's deffinately my Ultimate Father's Day. The only thing that could make it better is if my older son Mark, could have been with us also. But then there might have been shots of Padron Tequilla thrown into the mix, which might not have been a good thing.

Father's Day, 2010, Picture

A Father's Day Adventure

Steak Salad Picture


About the only things leftover from this recipe for a Father's Day Adventure was a few Twinkies, Double Stuffers, and a couple of Sam Adams.

You can either nibble at the Double Stuffers and twinkies for a few days, or make up some more "Double Stuffer / Twinkie Sandwiches" and pass them around to astound your buddies. The beer's even easier. Just keep it cold so you can open as needed.

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