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Easter White Cheese

This cheese has always been made for Easter around my house. This makes it a "special" dish that you look forward to as part of the Easter Brunch. Although it takes a bit of time, you've got to start it at least 3 days ahead, the dry yet creamy texture is a winner. It's actually such a hit, we usually have to make a double batch.

  • 1 1/2 Pounds Cottage Cheese, room temperature
  • 18 Ounces Cream Cheese, room temperature
  • 1 Cup Sour Cream, room temperature

1. Make a cheesecloth bag that's 4 layers thick, and about 12" long by 6 1/2 " wide. The bottom 8" or so should taper to a point. Don't turn the bag inside out after you've made it, you'll be using it with the seems on the outside.
Easter White Cheese, Picture

2. Place the cottage cheese into a colander, over a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and place a weight on top. Let it drain for 2 - 3 hours.

Using an electric mixer, mix all the ingredients until they're well blended.

3. Place the cheesecloth bag in a large bowl, with the seems facing out. Pack the mixture in the bag, to about 4" from the top of the cheesecloth. Twist the top, and tie it being careful not to get it so tight that you're forcing the cheese out of the pores of the bag.

4. Cover a sheet pan with plastic, then place the filled cheese bag on top. Place the bag so that the seem is in the center of the back, and front, it should almost look like a heart. One end of this sheet pan should be elevated to permit the cheese to drain. You can use either a bowl , or 2 coffee cups to do this. Place a bowl, or better, a third sheet pan underneath the bottom of the cheese, to catch the liquid that will drain out.

Cover the cheese with a linen dish towel (we've used more plastic wrap in the past, and it created mold), and set another sheet pan on top. Carefully place a weight on top of the top pan. But, be careful because the cheese is real soft and the top pan will want to slide off once the weight is on it.

Change the linen dish towel once each day and remove the liquid from the drain pan as often as you need to.

5.Store in a cool place, or in your refrigerator for 3 days, being sure to check it so that the weight doesn't fall off. My Mom used to let this rest in the basement, because it was nice and cool, and she used a Belgian Brick that we would have to check now and then to insure that it didn't fall off.

6. When the cheese has dried out, cut off the cheesecloth bag with scissors, carefully so as not to break up the cheese. The cheese should be real firm to the touch. Place it flat on a platter, and store in your refrigerator until Easter morning.

If you haven't gotten enough moisture out of the cheese, you will have a cheese that won't stay together.

7. You can start this process a full week before Easter.

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Easter White Cheese, Picture

Easter White Cheese

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