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Cap'n Crunch Chicken

This recipe was sent to me by James in Montreal, Canada. It's a great recipe and a super picture. I wish all of my pictures could look that good.

James uses my spice blends and says: "I love your spice blends and your recipes kick butt!"

Using a sweet cereal like this may seem a little odd, but the flavors all work nicely together. James dresses this sandwich with Lettuce, a Sliced Tomato, and Avocado.

1. Make the Aioli by mixing all of the ingredients together. Set this aside while you cook the chicken.

2. Crush the Cap'n Crunch cereal, then mix it with the flour, blacken, and salt.

3. Coat the chicken with the Cap'n Crunch mixture, being sure to press it into the meat, for a good coating.

4. Set these pieces aside while you pre-heat a pan with about 1/2" of vegetable oil to 325 degrees.

5. Fry the chicken for about 5 minutes / side, or until the chicken reaches 165 degrees when tested with an instant read meat thermometer.

6. Serve as pictured, with a dollop of the Aioli

Ron's Note:
If you'd prefer a crispy coating, use a 3 step process for coating the chicken. Seasoned Flour, then egg wash, the Cap'n Crunch mixture. A similar method can be found in my recipe for Jamaican Jerked Chicken Parmesan.

Click here to view the top 3 recipe searches from last month.

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