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Cajun Potato Chips

It's Sunday afternoon, I'm watchin' a Football Game, and lookin' for some "game food". It's too much trouble to go out for something to munch on, so I decided to do these. I was glad I did because they came out really good, and well worth the effort. About the only thing that could have kicked them up would have been frying them in either bacon fat or lard.

Slicing them was easy to do with a mandolin. I've got 2 mandolins, and inexpensive one with no adjustments, and easy to clean, and an expensive one that is totally adjustable, but a pain in the butt to clean. After making these I should have used the better one because I'd be able to get a thinner chip out of it. Using the one that I did made for a real crunchy chip.

Now for a word about the frying process.
I fried the first batch all the way through on their first fry. After a couple of minutes they were soggy. This was due, in part, because of the thickness of the chips. That's when I decided to do them a second time using the same method as I would for the Belgian Fries. This method worked perfectly. Not that they tend to hang around too long, but they stayed crisp until they were eaten.

Slicing the Potatoes on a Mandolin Picture

1. I sliced the potatoes on their long slide to make these a little different from the type of chips you'd buy in a store.

Slice them using a mandolin, and place cover them with water. Change the water a couple of times to remove all of the surface starch.
First Fry for Potato Chips Picture

2. Heat the oil to 350 degrees, dry the fries, and place them into the hot oil. Cook until they just begin to brown, them flip them.
Chips Ready to come out of the Oil Picture

3. Cook for about 3 minutes per side to get them to this point.
Draining the Chips after Frying Picture

4. Take them out of the oil and place them on a rack in a sheet pan.
Frying the Chips the Second Time Picture

5. When you've got all your fries done, place them back into the oil for another 2 - 3 minutes or so. Keep a close watch on them because they'll burn real easy. When they're nice and brown, and crisp, set them back into the drain pan and season with a dusting of the blacken and salt.

Serve immediately.

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