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Steakhouse Grilled, London Broil

Steakhouse Grilled, London Broil Picture

Prep time:     Cook time:     Total time:
Yield: 6 - 8 servings

There's nothing like Steak on the Grill. In this case, it's an inexpensive cut of meat, that uses both the spice mixture, and low and slow cooking to help make it nice and tender.

Other than testing my Steakhouse Spice Blend on small pieces of meat, this is the first time I've cooked with my new American Steakhouse Blend. The end result was far better than any of my testing showed. Although I use a lot of my Butt Kickin' Blacken on the grill, including steaks, I've always favored just lots of black pepper, and Coarse Kosher Salt for the seasoning. Not so any more. These steaks came out a serious winner. The Steakhouse Blend brought out the flavor of the meat without hiding it's notural goodness.

London broil, in the USA is a thick cut from the Top or Bottom Round, the Top Round being the better of the two choices. It can be tough if cooked too fast, like a good Sirloin, but doesn't have to be braised like a piece of Chuck. When cooking steak, I usually fuel the grill with charcoal briquettes, and plain charcoal. The briquettes will burn longer, and the charcoal will give it a campfire flavor.

When taking the temperature of the meat, be sure to insert an instant read thermometer into the side of the meat. This is the only way that you can insure that the probe is in the center of the meat.

What better way to serve this great piece of beef than with a Baked Potato and Cajun Corn, the "Man Vegetable".

  • 2 1/2 Pounds, London Broil, top round preferably

  • 1/3 Cup, All American Steakhouse Blend, as needed

  • 3 Tablespoons, Kosher Salt

  • Vegetable Oil, as needed

1.    When purchasing the meat, try to get one that's well marbled. Marbling refers to the small veins of fat within the meat.

Spices on the Meat Picture

2.    Because this was a nice, thick (1 1/2") piece of meat, I new it would be on the grill for a long time. That's why there's so much of the Steakhouse Blend and Salt used. If you're cooking something that's real thin, I'd probably use about 1/2 the spices and salt.

Spices and Oil on the Meat Picture

3.    Oil it well, you want the rub to be pasty. This helps the spices stick to the meat, and sear the meat quickly when you put in on the grill.

This can be done, to this point, as early as the day before you'll be cooking it.

Ron's Note:
If you do this the day before you'll be cooking your London Broil, don't oil it. Just wrap it up tightly in plastic wrap. The salt will act to "Cure" the meat. First it'll draw out the moisture from the meat. Then, the salt wants to equlize itself within the whole package. It goes back into the meat, drawing any liquid and flavors along with it. Once there, each molecule of Salt will break down the protein strands of the meat, making it more tender.

Cooking the London Broil on the Grill Picture

4.    My grill was pretty hot, when I placed the meat on it, and the oil made it flare up. Good and Bad. Good, because the outside of the meat was well seared, which would help keep the moisture inside. Bad, because it would cook too fast.

I let the flames burn it a bit, then put the lid on, to cut off the oxygen, and put the flames out. Take the lid off when the flames are out, so you don't bake the steak.

After 7 - 10 minutes on the first side, flip it, and cover for about 30 seconds again, if it flares up.

How to take the Temperature of a Steak Picture

Click to Enlarge Picture.

5.    Total cooking time for this thick a piece of meat was 17 minutes. Your time will vary, based on the temperature of the grill, and the thickness of the meat.

The sure fire way of making sure the meat is done the way you want it, is to takes it's temperature. Do this by inserting an instant read meat thermometer into the side of the meat. I usually cook to 110 - 115 deg. for rare, and 120 - 125 deg. for medium rare.

Ron's Note:
Don't cook this one well done, or it'll end up dry and tough like shoe leather.

6.    Let the steak rest, covered with aluminum foil for 10 - 15 minutes to allow time for the juices to redistribute themselves within the meat. They've been drawn to the outside of the meat by the high cooking heat. If you cut into it, without letting it rest, all the juice will run out onto the platter, and you'll have dry meat, even though it might be rare.

7.    Slice this thinly across the grain and place on a platter or plate. You'll find that you don't want to cover up the meat with any type of sauce, it's GREAT with the flavors of the grill and Steakhouse Blend Spice.

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Click here to view a printable version of this recipe.

This recipe prints as a shortened version, with only 1 Picture, Ingredients, and Directions.

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The Steakhouse Seasoning Blend has No Salt, and tons of flavor. Order some TODAY!

I've ALWAYS used a steak sauce on steak. The flavors of the Cap'n's Steakhouse Blend was truly amazing, and did just what Cap'n Ron said it would, "Enhance the Steaks Natural Flavor". I'll definately be using this on all my steaks from now on. T.M., Charleston SC

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Leftover Eye Round with Gravy, Picture

Leftover Eye Round
with Gravy

1. Why pay the high prices for "Deli" Roast beef when you can buy an extra London broil, and make sandwiches out of it another day? Just slice it thin, across the grain, and you'll have the best Roast Beef Sandwhich ever. Of course, you can dust the sliced meat with a little more Steakhouse Seasoning, and Salt for a Roast Beef Sandwhich to remember.

2. To Re-heat with Gravy:
Warm up thinly sliced meat in a 15 minute gravy and serve with Mashed Potatoes as I do in my Leftover Eye Round recipe.

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